Sanitary lieutenant

There is a photograph of a medical lieutenant who took a photograph with army dog john in the first army hospital of Hiroshima in mid May 1944. 15 months after it at 8 o'clock 15 minute on August 6.1945
the first atomic bomb in Hiroshima was dropped.The second army hospital of Hiroshima was 800m away from the center of an explosion.There were about 750 inpatients and 330 personnel on this day.The person who has escaped barely also died within several days.He has escaped miraculously out of rubble.He has able to survice uniquelyin the army physician of the second army hospital.Although he served medical treatment to 90 years old, he died at the age of 91on October 01, 2006. The homepage was created here for the deceased father.

The front gate of a Hiroshima Eijyu hospital

The No. 13 ward of the Hiroshima Eijyu hospital

The main gate of the Hiroshima army hospital

Hiroshima Ken Sangyo of shorei Kan (house to the support of the industry of the prefecture)

The aerial photo of Hiroshima commander headquarters ,this was taken on the 25. July 1945 by American air force.(12 days before an atomic bomb explosion)
yexcerpted from American Natinal Archivesz

The aerial photo of the second army hospital Hiroshima,this was taken on the 8.August 1945 by American air
force.(Two days after an atomic bomb explosion)
yexcerpted from American National Archivesz

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